The Do’s and Don’ts of Payroll Deductions

It’s not uncommon for our small-medium sized business clients to ask for advice on payroll deductions. Not because they’re trying to short-change their workers, but because it can be a very confusing piece of legislation to understand. This is particularly the case around employee requests for voluntary deductions. So what are the do’s and don’ts […]

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Simpler BAS


BUSINESS ACTIVITY STATEMENT (BAS) MADE EASIER Ever been confused by the GST labels on your Business Activity Statement (BAS)? Or felt unsure about which classification code to use? We can assure you; you’re not the only one. Many of our small business clients struggle with the current BAS – and rightly so – it’s complicated. […]

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Cloud-Based Accounting


WHAT IS CLOUD-BASED ACCOUNTING No doubt you’ve heard the term ‘The Cloud’ bandied around conversations, articles, or the office, but what does it actually mean for the way you do business? For us, cloud-based accounting software means we can perform real-time bookkeeping services without being in the same physical location as you, our clients. Everyone […]

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